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Custom Remaps


Stage 1 remaps are software-based modifications made for performance & fuel economy with
minimal or no physical modifications to the vehicle’s engine management system. Stage 1 is the
most popular remap for modern day vehicles as well as older vehicles since it is fast, safe and
reliable to do to any vehicle. Unlike Stage 2 and beyond the changes to the vehicle can be easily
reversed, tweaked & perfected using Vault Performance’s dyno developed maps.

Eco Remap

Green Power!

On this stage we tune in an ECO fashion, optimizing the engine parameters (ignition, injection) in a manner that will bring less fuel consumption. This is recommended for minivans or taxis. There are still gains to be made, but less than the normal stage 1.


Did your regular garage or the main dealer quote you with a figure to fix this fault that seems insurmountable? Maybe you've been to a few different garages that can’t seem to fix your faults.

 We can help you solve your DPF / CAT / EGR / GPF or AdBlue issues at a fraction of the cost.

After fixing the DPF / CAT / EGR / GPF or AdBlue system you should see the following benefits:

  • No more limp/safe mode
  • No more engine MIL light problems
  • No excess wear because of increased back pressure
  • 10% better fuel efficiency

To fix any of the DPF / CAT / EGR or AdBlue system can be done in a couple of hours. When we are done your vehicle will be 100% back to normal


Stage 1

Medium Power!

Stage 1 a fast road application, working within stock hardware but recalibrating the ECU to get the best from what you already have.

You will experience increased torque and break horse power (BHP) as well as other benefits such as: 

Better fuel economy, safer overtaking and more efficient throttle response. Stage 1 gives the most cost effective performance increase of any vehicle modification!

Stage 2

More Power!

For clients needing a bit more from their car, we can recommend our stage 2 by further optimizing maps within the ECU to increase efficiency of the engine. This stage is all about intake and exhaust. The stock intake systems are most of the times restrictive. The Owner here needs to change from a stock air filter to a free flowing filter or custom air intake to allow increased airflow to the engine. A less restricted exhaust system is needed, with the culprit being the catalyst most of the times. A more free flowing catalyst helps the engine omit exhaust gases more efficiently. This way the air filter and exhaust system will produce maximum gain from a stage 2. In some cases an upgraded clutch is recommended with these upgrades.

Stage 3

Maximum Power!

At stage 3 we take it a lot further most of the times from increasing the cylinder displacement, changing to sport camshafts, installing bigger turbochargers or compressors. In this stage we almost always work outside the manufacturers limits. Most times manufacturers build the same engines with different parts to save costs. So a car might use the same engine on lower versions and the bigger versions with the difference only in the turbocharger so upgrading parts from the bigger versions makes it reliable to run it without problems. Of course there are clients who want to take it to extreme, and we are still able to help with that. Engine internals need to be changed on this stage to provide a more reliable tune.

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